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ARMember Premium Membership Plugin: REVIEW

No doubt, ARMember is one-of- its-kind WordPress Membership Plugin which basically provides all genre of membership related functionality in amagnificent way. Here with ARMember, you will get entire membership features in under one roof along with ease to use them. ARMember provides almost every kind of membership management, payment tracking, drip content etc.

wordpress membership plugin


ARMember is best WordPress membership plugin which is the complete bundle to create membership system without having any advanced programming background on WordPress platform.

ARMemeber allows unlimited segments of membership including the ability to let user subscribe on multiple levels simultaneously.

The eye-catching ARMember facilitates to create multiple payment cycles for the same membership plan. So, this gives liberty to the user to choose whether he wants to subscribe on a particular plan on monthly basis or early basis.

Key Features:

ARMember provides an array of features that will help you out in almost every kind of membership models one of the best ever special is Subscription Using WooCommerce & also many. please check in depth below paragraph

Some of its eye-catching features:

Restrict Your Website Content Effortlessly:

Content restriction is what makes the user subscribe your page/site. The content restriction
is a key part of any membership WordPress plugin. Here with this awesome feature, you will be able to restrict the content of your site in just one click. It also has a super easy interface to manage the membership plan. Here this plugin locks down the various components of Pages, Posts, and Any Custom Post Types, Post Taxonomy and many more other things.

Unique Membership Setup Wizard:

Here in this feature provides you a unique membership set up wizard that will generate the single shortcode for the entire process. This feature lets you handle the entire membership process very easy and convenient.

Sell Subscription Using WooCommerce:

The best of all, as ARMember is the only subscription membership plugin that comes with a built-in feature, where you can use WooCommerce just to sell all your membership plans.

Easy Member Management:

With this feature, you can track down all the common activities of each and every member in very user-friendly Member Management System.

Unlimited Plan (Trial Option):

Here you can create many unlimited membership plans along with the free & trial period facility.

Multiple Payment Gateways:

The best part is that here you will get numerous gateways including the PayPal, Stripe and Authorise.net and many more. With these payment gateways, it makes upper easy to make payment for the subscriptions.

Parallel Membership Subscription:

Here, this feature gives the liberty to the user in subscribing multiple memberships together. So, all type of membership models is supported here.

Periodic Billing:

ARMember provides the facility to create the periodic Subscription. So, that you can easily collect the easily recurring the payment.

Email Notifications With Template:

Here you will get the Exclusive customizable email notification facility. This feature helps you in sending the notification to users on various events along with creating an advanced notification.

Captcha Free Anti-Spam Facility:

Here, you no need to use some ugly Captcha in your signup/login forms just for the protection of the spam mechanism. But here with ARMember, you will get built-in anti-spam mechanism.

Auto-Debit payments support:

As this one is the only one plugin in the market that offers such a unique feature that allows the user to choose how to pay your site for manual payment or Auto-Debit payment.

BuddyPress Integration:

Here with this plugin, you can easily add access rules for BuddyPress pages along with form field to Extend profile field of BuddyPress.

One-Click Plugin Update:

You can easily update ARMember Plugin just by clicking once. Here the updates are released regularly to improve products bugs fix.

Professional Team:

Here, with ARMember plugin you will get dedicated support team available for your assistance. With that support, you can keep your production on track.

That’s not it! ARMember comes with tons of great features.


wordpress membership plugin

Here, ARMember supports Multiple Payment Cycles and it comes with three

1) Basic:

2 Domains
10 GB Limit
24/7 support
3 Email Accounts

2) Pro:

20 Domains
24/7 Support
Extra Features
50 Email Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth

The user has the choice here, they can choose over:


The only membership plugin that provides multiple payment duration support right for recurring plans. When you will purchase the membership, here members will get multiple options for payments like:

1) Pay 30$ for each 6 months
2) 28$ yearly plan


ARMember also comes with wide range of free/paid Addons just to achieve more:

 AffiliateWP: Here, ARMember plugin along with Affiliate Integration addon will let you get “Commission” on sharing Referral to the particular ARMember plan.

Cornerstone: You can add ARMember forms, plan setup, member profile just by using this addon. And shortcode using Cornerstone editor.

Mollie: This addon will let you pay through Mobile Payment Gateway.

PayPal PRO: With this addon, users can pay through PayPal Pro payment gateway.

Affiliates PRO: Here with this addon will allow the integration with Affiliates pro plugin which is definitely good for Affiliate Management System.

Direct Login: With this addon, you can create temporary login links. So it will be easy when anybody run link URL he/she will be logged- in automatically.

Digital Download: Here, this addon user manages access to the digital documents to your users.

 WooCommerce Discount: Here with this addon, you can just offer different pricing levels to your dealers on your WooCommerce website.

Final Verdict:

Here, ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin is the most popular and reliable easy to use the plugin. ARMember will take over all of your membership site requirements by a tailor-made design. And the best part about this plugin is that it is super easy to use and you don't have to apply rocket science knowledge in the field of programming. In my opinion, ARMember is a suitable and complete bundle that will definitely offer protected members-only content, suitable payment options and much more in the row. ARMember is proving to be outstanding with all the provided features that you need. As this plugin provides seamless integration with other plugins along with lots of features that will be useful for any type of membership site.